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Chaos over Sridevi's cause of death: Cardiac arrest is part of the drowning process, explains doctor

International Business Times (IN) logo International Business Times (IN) 27/02/2018 Chetna Kapoor

Sridevi's cause of death has raised many questions. The reason for veteran actress Sridevi's death, who passed away on February 24 in Dubai was earlier cited as cardiac arrest. And later Dubai police released a statement saying that it was due to accidental drowning and traces of alcohol were found in Sridevi's blood.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Why no one called her for 48 hours? Where were the hotel guys? Where was the family? Why didn't they call her? What surprise date? Where are CCTV footages? What about the call records? Why was she left alone in Dubai? #SrideviDeathMystery."

Dr. Anant Bhan, whose Twitter bio reads as: 'Researcher-Bioethics/Global Health/Policy.Adjunct Prof. President, Intl Association of Bioethics. Wanderer', tweeted: "Everyone, please understand. Cardiac arrest is part of the drowning process. Hypoxia leads to loss of consciousness, followed by cardiac arrest."

He also shared a link to a medical paper with a screenshot of the text saying: "Some medical context to help understand. Cardiac arrest is part of the drowning process."

While we should wait for Dubai public prosecutor to release their official statement after the investigation, Indian news channels are dissecting it like nobody's business!

Fans are saying: "From #sridevi to #SrideviDeathMystery. From mourning about her demise to speculating her and her drinking. In our country, due to such media and mentality, even a dead person receives hate. Yday, they were talking about her achievements and today about her habits. It hurts."

One user commented: "It's interesting that about 10,000 people, in the media and outside, have overnight gained expertise in forensics, surgery and post-mortem procedures at the same time as they have lost it generally #SrideviDeathMystery."

Some people are also questioning: "7:00 Boney arrives, wakes Sri 7:15 Sri enters bathroom 7:30 Boney knocks (why spouse locks) 7:35 Forces door open (how) 7:36 Sri found drowned kind of hotel Sri would stay in, filling bathtub itself would take about 15minutes. in that she slipped & drowned?! #SrideviDeathMystery."

And the other said: "However intoxicated a person might be, will water not get that person into senses to try and save themselves from drowning? #Sridevi was 1.68M tall, how can such a lady "Accidentally Drown" in a bath tub which can barely accommodate someone of that height #SrideviDeathMystery."

Well, let's wait because only time will tell what the truth is.

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