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Divya Agarwal breaks up with Priyank Sharma: Bigg Boss 11 showed me the reality of my relationship

The Indian Express logo The Indian Express 11/11/2017 sana farzeen

Not all fairytale romances have a happy ending. Finding love on Splitsvilla 10, Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal seemed to be a perfect couple but not anymore. After being left disappointed at Priyank’s absurd behavior on Bigg Boss 11, where he has been constantly talking about other girls rather than her, Divya has called off her relationship officially. Talking exclusively to, Divya shared, “I have had it enough. All this while I have been trying hard to keep myself calm but the way Priyank is behaving, it seems he has no value for our relationship. I can’t deal with all this every day and that’s why I have decided to end it, and it’s final now.”

The last nail on the coffin seems to be Priyank and Benafsha Soonawalla’s conversation from last night episode. The two seemed to be confused about their growing affinity and were trying hard to find a name to their relationship. They also mentioned that their respective better halves might have issue with their bond. Speaking on the same, Divya said, “Firstly, tell me which boy or girl behaves this way with a friend? Priyank lies on her lap, gets massages from her and day and night, they have their hands over each other. It’s very disturbing to see it every day. I think if I and Varun (Varun Sood, Benafsha’s boyfriend) had been in their places, we would have spent our day talking about our partners than trying to get so close. Also, Benafsha knows about me and it’s really disappointing to see them together.”

When asked what if it all turned out to be a deliberate move by Priyank to survive in the game, she said, “Well if that’s the case, it’s really a stupid move. There is already a couple, who has taken the route (Puneesh Sharma-Bandgi Kalra), and it’s already working for them. Why would another love story get showcased? Also, if that was their game plan they should have started it from day one than labeling each other as friends and now being all over each other. In Thursday’s episode, the way Benafsha and Priyank were speaking, it was quite clear they have something between them. And so, I don’t want to be associated with him anymore.”

Divya further shared that the videos are causing a lot of negativity in her daily life. “The worst part is that it was earlier only on Voot Uncut section but now it’s shown clearly on television. I had tried to keep it away from my parents but they are hooked to the show and have been miserable seeing the footage. One of the titles of Priyank’s videos was ‘Priyank and his girlfriends’. So, what am I? One of the many! Sorry but I don’t want to choose such a life for myself. I supported him throughout, fought for him but I can’t do it anymore,” she averred strongly.

Kiki... I'm fortunate enough that u love me.. those days of Splitsvilla are like a fairy tales... today when I watch our episodes I realise how badly we cried... obviously not good for a Tv show... my parents cried too.. not about going out of the show... it was about us... being together... those tears can't be fake.. I don't know about today... but that day.. I saw love in your eyes .. mat jaa yaar.. we both are meant to be together.. I miss u Priyank.. it's wrong to express like this.. but I couldn't help myself... jaise bhi ho... mere ho... I love you... win in life.. no matter what show... I stick by your side... until u ask me to go... it's no more about the show... my parents today asked me.. did u really felt so deep... they saw us crying like this... I don't know what to say...

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Lastly, we questioned her whether she would want to meet Priyank post Bigg Boss and give another chance to their affair. The Mumbai girl replied, “I don’t think so I would want to meet him. I already know his answers and I don’t want to accept those. Bigg Boss 11 has showed me the reality of my relationship with him. If all this happened in real world it would have never reached me or I would have just got carried away by emotions. But now, seeing it live every day is breaking my heart. I am tired of going through all videos trying to just hunt for one mention of my name. I don’t think I deserve this and so, I have decided to end it once and for all.”

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