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What To Do When You Are Showing COVID-19 Symptoms

Medical Daily 11/03/2020 Jan Cortes

With an increasing number of people getting infected with the coronavirus in numerous states across the country, it’s natural to wonder what exactly you need to do if you ever contract the virus itself, or at the very least, start feeling like you are going through its symptoms.

What To Do When Faced With Possible Coronavirus Symptoms

The first thing to do is to first identify whether the symptoms you are experiencing is actually the same ones that people with coronavirus have. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), common coronavirus symptoms include flu-like traits, such as shortness of breath, lower respiratory illness, pneumonia, bronchitis and fever. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then experts suggest that it’s best to first isolate yourself from your family and friends before contacting your medical provider and/or doctor so you can find out what you need to do in order to get tested for COVID-19. Thankfully, numerous offices and hospitals across the country are setting up protocol in inspecting people who feel like they have contracted the virus.

Do not, however, go straight to an emergency room or straight to the doctor’s office. If possible, limit your distance from other people as well, and be sure to wear the appropriate face mask in order to make sure you don’t spread it to anyone else. It’s also important to let others know about your possible condition so everyone can be more alert since the virus can be easily transferred from one person to another via direct and indirect contact.

While waiting for your test, also ask your health care provider to alert the local or state health department. If possible, you will be placed under active monitoring and would need to follow instructions provided by experts. Do note that all of this is for your safety, as well as others. Furthermore, make sure to wash and disinfect all of the things and items that you have recently touched in the house.

As for payment, the state advises people to contact either their employer or insurance provider in order to figure out the best way to receive the proper care that you need.

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