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You Can Now Do Ancestry DNA Test at This Hospital in UAE

UAE Moments 27/06/2022 UAEMoments team
You Can Now Do Ancestry DNA Test at This Hospital in UAE © UAEMoments You Can Now Do Ancestry DNA Test at This Hospital in UAE

RAK Hospital is now using Next-Generation Sequencing technology to offer DNA ancestry testing. The test does not only work on locating ancestors by country or continent but also within a specific geographical location.

“You can discover where your DNA is from, the migration paths of your ancestors with a simple saliva collection. The results will give you an unprecedented view of your lineage. Connecting you to your history, it will help you find people and places deep in your past where no records can take,” the hospital said in a Press statement.

Ancestry testing can go back from five to 100 generations and even more.

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Dr Raza Siddiqui, executive director at RAK Hospital, said: “We humans have always remained curious to find out about our lineage and it’s indeed a fundamental human desire to want to know this.  Ancestry testing provides insight into where your ancestors might have lived, how they migrated from Africa to populate the earth tens and even thousands of years ago. We can chart a comprehensive map of the early stages of human history by carefully comparing the DNA of the world population.

“RAK Hospital can help you trace your ancestral migration routes and discover your ethnic origins through the novel genomic ancestry program by NGS. This test will reveal genetic aspects of your deep ancestry. You will be able to learn which different geographic regions around the world your ancestors migrated through.”

The steps for the test are easy, first, you pay online and the sample collection kit is couriered to you, then you follow the steps and collect your saliva sample, then book your sample collection service which is available 24x7 and throughout the UAE.

Avoid eating or drinking anything 30 minutes prior to sample collection to avoid any discrepancy.

It may take up to four weeks for your results, which could be sent via email or downloaded through RAK Hospital mobile app.

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