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Interior Ministry provides new details on assassination of Mohamed Zouari

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11/12/2018 20:23, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Director of the National Unit for Investigation into Terrorist Crimes Nizar Gmati, on Tuesday, gave a press conference on the circumstances of the terrorist act that targeted Mohamed Zouari on December 15, 2016.

He said the perpetrators of this terrorist crime are Bosnian nationals.

They are Elvir Sarac and Alem Camdzic, who entered Tunisia on December 8, 2016 via the port of Goulette.

They later went to the city of Monastir where they resided at the Cap Marina hotel.

The two suspects were contacted by a tourist guide who maintained contact with a man named Abdelkader Oueslati. The latter was responsible for facilitating visits to several factories to divert attention from the real reasons for their presence in Tunisia.

The two individuals headed to Douz on December 10, where they stopped at Chenini and then at Matmata for a tourist visit.

On December 11, they visited the city of Tataouine. The technical investigation revealed that during their stay in Tunisia, calls from foreign numbers were intercepted.

Before the execution of the crime, they had explored the paths that could lead to Mohamed Zouari. They then took him on board two vehicles (Renault Trafic and Mitsubishi).

On the day of the crime, the two individuals went to Agareb (Sfax) for allegedly obtaining quantities of organic oil, added Nizar Gmati who said Mohamed Zouari's mobile phone was hacked by criminals to be able to remotely track him.

They left Tunisia right after the execution of their crime, leaving several mobile phones and car rental contracts to the names of people who have no connection to the crime.

According to Gmati, this crime has been planned in several European capitals like Budapest in Hungary and Rome (Italy).

The specialised units of the Interior Ministry conducted investigation in over 4620 km with the participation of 10 work teams to collect the data.

During the period following the assassination, an inventory of some 131 thousand passengers was taken.

Nizar Gmati said the idea of ​​the assassination took shape on June 28, 2016 through the recruitment, without their knowledge, of people for collaboration, like Tunisian journalist Maha Ben Hamouda who had rented the cars.

These "collaborators" were approached through social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, he said, adding that the police investigated 203 people close to the crime scene.

He said that Interpol, the Central Bank of Tunisia, the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs all mobilised to reveal the truth about this crime that cost its sponsors 170 thousand dinars.

For his part, spokesperson for the Judicial Counter-Terrorism Division Sofien Selliti said that warrants were issued against the perpetrators of the crime except that the Bosnian authorities refused to hand them over to Tunisia for trial.

He said that the main perpetrator of the crime is Elvir Sarac, born in 1976. He was assisted by Alem Camdzic (48).

Letters rogatory were sent to Bosnia, Sweden, Belgium, Turkey, Cuba, Lebanon and Egypt, he said, stressing that it is not possible to prove the involvement of Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency), if the perpetrators of the crime were not interrogated.

The representative of the judicial police, for his part, noted that the delay in revealing these details is intentional and strategic to reveal the identity of the perpetrators of the assassination.

According to him, there was talk that these two individuals return to Tunisia but the media treatment of the case by some private media has disrupted the unfolding of the case.

Mohamed Zouari was shot dead on September 15, 2016 in his car outside his home in Sfax. He was 49 years old.

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