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Taylor Swift Is Now Legally Able To Re-Record Her Previous Albums As #TalorIsFree Starts Trending

NileFM logo NileFM 02/11/2020 Nile FM Staff
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As of yesterday, singer Taylor Swift is legally able to re-record her previous albums and own their masters, something she and her fans have been waiting for a very long time.

First, you could be asking yourself “why does she need to rerecord them?”, and the answer is pretty simple, as entrepreneur and media proprietor Scooter Braun bought the label Big Machine which was owned by Scott Borchetta in a $300 million deal. Big Machine represented Swift earlier on in her career and owned her back catalog (her first five albums). So in turn, after the purchase, the songs legally belonged to Braun, whom Swift has called out on his “incessant manipulative bullying” and the fact that he and Borchetta have constantly blocked her from using her own songs and performing them.

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Last year in August, Swift stated in an interview with CBS News that she will be working on re-recording her old material to get back some control of her old material an idea proposed to her by fellow singer Kelly Clarkson, who also advised she’d use different artwork for them so that fans would know that they were the new ones and not buy the old ones cutting off the proceeds going to Braun.

So essentially Swift can now start re-recording the albums again since her contract ends with Big Machine ends in November 2020, and to mark the occasion Swift’s fans took to social media and used the hashtag #TaylorIsFree to celebrate.

Check some of their posts below:

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