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Trading with Olymp Trade: A Forex broker that cares

Saudi Gazette logo Saudi Gazette 31/12/2020 Saudi Gazette

Brokers around the world claim to serve their clients with respect and dignity, but only offer haram trading options. Many platforms boast practices that a Muslim trader cannot condone.

The forex accounts offered by Olymp Trade meet all the requirements of Islam. This platform has created a community of hundreds of thousands of traders from all over the world.

Making trading accessible is a pillar of Olymp Trade’s mission. Along with, High standards, low barriers to entry, and an intuitive platform attract clients from all walks of life.

This rings true especially for traders from Muslim countries. Now, Muslim traders can learn to profit from the life-changing opportunities offered by the foreign exchange market — forex.

Is Forex Gambling?

Muslims often have a misconception that forex trading is gambling.

Games of chance are gambling, sports betting, slot machines, and roulette are perfect examples. Forex profits are determined by international currency exchange rates. A trading strategy is what guides an investor’s decisions, not blind chance.

No Swaps, or Interest

Olymp Trade clients do not pay the swap or interest on their forex trades that are left open overnight. Dealing in interest is haram, this is why Olymp Trade offers interest-free trades. To leave a position open overnight traders must pay a fixed fee, meaning the true cost of a position is known before a trade is opened.

Real Markets and Prices

Investing in contracts involving the deferred supply of goods like futures is not allowed by Islam. Therefore, trades on the Olymp Trade platform are made in real-time with actual assets.

Deals on Olymp Trade are made at market prices determined by external foreign exchange market makers. Charts indicate the value of an asset and markets are moved by people and their choices rather than blind chance.

Trades have no time limit, meaning investment decisions can be made without fear of expiration (ie, an asset leaving circulation).


The Broker For You

Olymp Trade was built to be one of the simplest trading platforms available. Its elegant interface and streamlined technology allow traders of all levels to quickly master it.

There are many platforms to choose from, but none are as dedicated to ensuring their users are able to maximize their earning potential as Olymp Trade.

Bringing the life-changing practice of trading to people traditionally excluded from this industry has been the goal from the beginning. Bringing clients from novice to experienced profitable traders.


Olymp Trade’s free educational materials and built-in automated assistant were all created with new traders in mind. All concepts, strategies, and tools are explained in simple language.

With an extensive education suite, Olymp Trade gives you the tools you need to become a successful trader. Understanding how to use them seems more complicated than it is.

The Olymp Plus educational suite is full of useful information for traders of all levels. A library of webinars explaining Trading Basics through Advanced Technical Analysis, Insights, and asset breakdowns are all free for any trader or student to use.


Learning to invest and trade can be daunting. The fear of losing your own money is enough to stop many traders before they begin. The best way to practice is by using your free demo account.

While using your demo account trades can be executed the same way you would with real money. Real-time quotes, accurate calculation of the trade results, and the ability to trade different assets make this trading experience realistic.

Traders can replenish their Demo Dollars, making it possible to practice different trading strategies to find the one that best suits them.

Trading on the Go

Olymp Trade has made it possible to earn money from your mobile phone. Providing trading services since 2014, Olymp Trade has strived to make trading accessible to everyone and their Online Trading App is another step in that direction.

The Online Trading App - available both Appstore and GooglePlay - allows people to execute forex wherever they have their phones. Its intuitive interface and built-in training make it a wonderful choice for both new and experienced traders. Combined with their online educational library filled with trading strategies, trend indicators, and webinars, Olymp Trade is making trading easy to understand and execute.


Trading the foreign exchange market is not unilaterally accepted in Islam. The systems in place to determine the legitimacy of trading as a form of income are complex.

For those willing to try trading and change their lives, Olymp Trade has created the perfect environment meeting the strictest standards for Muslim traders. Their free halal forex accounts, educational tools, and demo accounts make this platform perfect for traders of all levels. Give Olymp Trade a try if, changing your life through trading is of interest.

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