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How to Play the OG Fortnite Map in Creative 2.0

DBLTAP 23/03/2023 Amanda Langell

Fortnite Creative 2.0 gives players the chance to return to the OG map from Chapter 1.

As artists use the Unreal Editor for Fortnite to create visually beautiful maps, Creative mode has quickly become the most talked about mode in Fortnite, despite the recent launch of Chapter 4 Season 2. Any PC user can build an island to share with the world, and players can access the growing list of maps and their mini-games for free.

Unique experiences, including a Call of Duty-inspired Domination map, as well as an escape room adventure, can be found on each island. One map will even take players back to Fortnite's launch in 2017.

Here's a breakdown of the original Fortnite map in UEFN.

How to Play the OG Fortnite Map in Creative 2.0

Like all the other Creative 2.0 maps, players can load into the OG Fortnite map by simply typing its code, 2179-7822-3395, into the Island Code section. The map, built by Atlas Creative, will inspire nostalgia amongst OG Fortnite players.

The trailer highlights iconic POIs, such as Tilted Towers and Greasy Grove, to promote the popular recreation. Players can expect other Chapter 1 locations, like Loot Lake and Pleasant Park, to be featured as well.

Unfortunately, the OG map is currently riddled with bugs that make it hard to access at the moment. UEFN is still a Beta, so some problems can be expected across the platform.

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