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Bridezilla goes viral for ridiculously over the top save-the-date card

9Honey logo 9Honey 10/01/2019 Amy Lyall
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It's definitely not unusual for a bride to have high expectations about every detail of her wedding day.

But one bridezilla is going viral after her over the top and demanding two page save-the-date wedding cards were leaked online.

The card is titled "Things To Keep In Mind Before You Say Yes" and lists details and costs that potential wedding guests need to be aware of before locking in their RSVP.

Guests were first advised that the nuptials will be held overseas and to "start saving your pennies now" because they hadn't yet decided on where the wedding will be held.

Among the somewhat ridiculous requests, the bridezilla explained that the venue for the wedding in either the "Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc" wouldn't be named until all RSVP's were in.

"Once we receive everyone's save the dates back and know how many people are willing to make the long journey to attend we will begin finding a venue and send out the invitations," it read.

The wedding is also estimated to set guests back around $5,000 and they're expected to take at least two weeks off work to attend.

Guests were advised that there would only be "2-3 days for the wedding festivities" but the rest of the time is "yours to do and go on what you like."

She explained it wasn’t worth the 10-13 hour flight to only be there for the wedding and advised guests that flights cost between $500-$1100.

a close up of text on a white background: The save-the-date card has gone viral. © Facebook The save-the-date card has gone viral.

The bridezilla also added that she and her soon-to-be husband will also be able to share everything they've learned from their trips overseas to make it "easier for everyone" once the invites are out.

The cards were leaked in a Facebook group and people have slammed at the demanding woman for ignoring the purpose of traditional save-the-date cards.

Despite having all the best intentions by including so many of the details, the post is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes which people were quick to lash out about.

While she might just be very excited about the whole thing, her enthusiasm about the overseas wedding hasn't really impressed the internet.

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