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My Hero Academia: UA's Defensive Upgrades (And Shortfalls), Explained

GameRant 24/03/2023 Levana Jane Chester-Londt
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The following content contains spoilers from My Hero Academia, Season 6, episode 24, and Chapter 339 of the manga (likely to feature in Season 6, Episode 25).After being targeted by dangerous Villains on multiple occasions, people began to question the students' safety at UA High School. This distrust in the system grew to the point where the annual School Festival was nearly canceled in Season 4; however, thanks to the Academy's newly amped-up defenses, the kids were allowed to have some well-deserved fun. At the time, Deku manages to incapacitate Gentle Criminal and La Brava without too much fuss, and thus the UA Barrier's bonus features remain untouched to this day.

To accommodate the highly sought-after Deku and improve overall safety, Principle Nezu has re-activated this intricate defense system to combat an impending attack, with a few extra upgrades added in for good measure. There is little to fear from behind the UA Barrier and its numerous secret security systems, which have been streamlined to specifically counter Shigaraki's devastating Decay.

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The U.A. Barrier

UA High School's extensive connections have allowed them to procure state-of-the-art Tartarus-level defensive equipment at affordable rates, leading them to stockpile these precious resources for a rainy day, and things are looking particularly gloomy right about now! Comparing oneself to Tartarus may not be much of a flex anymore considering the mass breakout in Season 6, episode 15; however, they didn't have the greatest mind in My Hero Academia backing them up.

With a few tweaks and adjustments, Principle Nezu has added his own flair to the Emergency Security System to accommodate the specific Villains on his radar, who have proven to defy the norms of the average threat (and will certainly be after Deku.) Principle Nezu explains that many of these alterations are being financed from his own wallet, arguably making him the highest-earning educator around, besides some Classroom of the Elite or Kakegurui faculty members, perhaps.

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The Academy already has its infamous, impenetrable Barrier to rely on, which usually pops up out of nowhere if unauthorized individual attempts to enter the school boundaries. This has been particularly useful since All Might joined the staff, as he has drawn a great deal of attention to the campus from fans, the press, and villains alike. Unfortunately, Shigaraki has broken through this Barrier once before, and that was without the overabundance of powerful Villains currently at his disposal, so some enhancements are definitely in order to echo the Symbol of Fear's grand transformation.

Principle Nezu's Ingenious Upgrades

It would appear that Principle Nezu is a fan of the cult classic, Thir13en Ghosts, as he has apparently fashioned his school's defenses after Cyrus Zorba's mystical mansion. To combat Shigaraki's "contagious" Decay, the school grounds have been compartmentalized into a grid-like format whereby each component can be individually manipulated and maneuvered. Each segment can now drop below ground level to become a bunker, or even move off to another secure vicinity thanks to a linear maglev network that spans across Japan.

The magnetic levitation of these bunkers will nullify Decay's effects, so long as they are not hit by 'contaminated' shrapnel while making their escape. With these underground tunnels, UA High School is physically connected to other great institutions such as Shiketsu, Ketsubutsu, and the like; and knowing how efficient Japan's transport is, the travel time is undoubtedly exceptionally swift!

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A highly sensitive early warning system has also been buried underground, consisting of "3000-layer reinforced plates," that can either interlock or disengage from one another. Not only does this provide multiple, independently operated barriers against the Villains' attacks, but creating more crucial gaps will likely impede the spread of Decay. Furthermore, to invalidate Himiko Toga's particularly deceptive Quirk, all entrants into UA will be subjected to a quarantine period and isolated for several hours, past the time limit that her transformative powers can function. A simple, and hopefully sufficient deterrent.

Potential Problems

The fact that this whole evacuation plan heavily relies on magnetic levitation is a bit worrying, as Shigaraki's Radio Waves and Air Cannon combo could potentially disrupt the whole system. Hopefully, the fact that many of the UA Barrier's components obtain their electrical charges directly from a group of Heroes could result in an almost constant flow of energy, as their Quirks would likely survive a Radio Wave attack, and none of these electrified Heroes are taken out of commission. So long as none of the crucial equipment remains intact, things may still operate smoothly thanks; however, if the effects of Radio Waves have been overlooked, this could all potentially end in tragedy.

Although not mentioned during Principle Nezu's explanation in Season 6, episode 24, it seems quite plausible that this underground railroad-type system is a two-way setup, which could have its own consequences. If All For One choreographs an all-round attack and targets several evacuation centers simultaneously, the tunnel system could become clogged with people trying to flee to the next hideout. Concise communication could prevent disastrous results; however, (again) a well-aimed Radio Wave puts that idea out of commission. Nezu has undoubtedly constructed a system that prevents bidirectional movement within the same passage; hopefully, it survives electromagnetic attacks. The intricate network also seems to have detours and multiple routes set in place, to prevent traffic jams and to better evade the enemy.

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On the plus side, two-way travel would mean that more reinforcements could come to the rescue, and, considering how many Pro-Heroes are quitting lately, UA could use all the help they can get! Whether it be teachers, other Heroes, or the students themselves, having additional backup up their sleeves is always advantageous. Furthermore, All For One and the League of Villains likely have limited knowledge about the other "random" students and therefore could be completely caught off guard by powerhouses such as Inasa Yoarashi, Seiji Shishikura, Romero Fujimi, or the great giggly heroine, Emi Fukukado (who would assuredly cause an entertaining ruckus on the battlefield!)

The Underrated Heroes

The Support Course Technicians have a crucial role to play in safeguarding UA's residents, as they are responsible for designing, running, and maintaining the new-and-improved Barrier. Details about their involvement in the whole operation are divulged in Chapter 339 and are expected to crop up in Season 6, episode 25. The Pro-Hero, Power Loader is overseeing the whole operation while Mei Hatsume and the other Support students are hard at work with their ongoing upgrades as they constantly think up new ways to efficiently counter the enemy.

Unfortunately, resources are limited since the Paranormal Liberation War tore Japan to shreds, and the technicians have to make do with what they can source, but these innovative minds appear to have things covered. Mei is working on a particularly intriguing project that, if successful, will make Shikaraki's Decay (and many other Villains' deadly Quirks) even less of a threat. Instead of burrowing below, Mei plans to take to the skies with her evacuation pods, allowing innocents to fly to safety at the first sign of an attack. Hopefully, she will ensure to take Radio Waves into account during the design process, just in case. The Paranormal Liberation War became utter chaos the moment communications were severed and electronics got fried, so Decay should not be their only focus with counter-measures.

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