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At least three doctors in ICU with COVID-19 in Melbourne logo 31/07/2020 9News Staff

At least three Melbourne doctors are tonight in intensive care, suffering from COVID-19.

One is a young emergency doctor at the Northern Hospital. He is believed to have contracted the virus while working at a screening clinic with COVID-19 patients.

Another afflicted doctor is a GP in his 60s, currently at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

a man standing in front of an office: Doctors are in intensive care after being on the COVID-19 frontlines. © 9News Doctors are in intensive care after being on the COVID-19 frontlines.

A doctor in her 30s has also been hospitalised.

Some doctors told 9News they were worried transmission was taking place in hospitals, and that it's going to get worse.

There are now 614 healthcare workers battling COVID-19 in total.

Among them are six nurses who tested positive to the virus at St Vincent's Hospital.

a man sitting in front of a computer: Cases are rising in Victoria. © 9News Cases are rising in Victoria.

Victoria's chief health officer Dr Brett Sutton is worried that personal protective equipment (PPE) is not stopping the spread.

"Transmission is a risk, within workplaces," he said.

But a new test is bolstering the response at St Vincent's, with swabs from suspected COVID-19 patients from the intensive care unit can be analysed within an hour.

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