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Australian government-run home exposed as 'paedophile's paradise' logo 11/03/2018 Liz Little

An appalling child abuse scandal is set to be blown wide open tonight on 60 Minutes, as reporter Ross Coulthart uncovers horrific crimes allegedly committed decades ago against defenceless boys in NSW Government-run homes. 

Following a four-month investigation, Coulthart sits down with three victims of abuse who are confronting the terrors of their childhood for the first time.

It has taken forty years for these boys, now men, to come forward with their accounts of the shocking physical and sexual abuse they say they suffered at Daruk Boys’ Home.

Situated in north-west Sydney, Daruk Boys’ Home or Daruk Training School was established as a government training school teaching young offenders new skills.

Daruk boasted a corrective military-style discipline, and thousands of boys – some as young as 12 – were sent there with the hope of gaining an education and the skills needed to improve their livelihoods.

However, once inside the gates of Daruk, these troubled teens were preyed upon by those responsible for their care, subject to abuse that included verbal intimidation, sexual assault and an illegally performed botched circumcision.

The victims tell Coulthart they each complained directly to the superintendent in charge of their care. Yet he allegedly treated their complaints with contempt and punished them for coming forward.

Their punishment would be a dreaded isolation cell nick-named ‘The Boob’, where the children would sometimes get “stripped and bashed” before being locked inside for days at a time.

As Coulthart reveals, these horrific crimes remained secret for decades.

The superintendent vaulted into a federal seat on the back of his job in welfare and was in federal politics for nearly a decade.

He also received an Order of Australia Medal for his services to politics and education.

The victims of Daruk Boys’ Home share their haunting tales tonight to not only expose the abuse suffered in institutions by young men, but to finally seek justice from their alleged abusers and the man they accuse of letting that abuse take place.

'Home of Horror' airs tonight on 60 Minutes. For more on 60 Minutes, head to:

If you have any information on Daruk Boys’ Home, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

If this story has raised issues for you, there are people who care and are ready to listen. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit

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