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Colleagues call Labor ad "grubby" logo 25/06/2018 Lane Calcutt

Malcolm Turnbull has hit back at new Labor attack ads over his wealth, as the government scrambles to win over the Senate crossbench to pass the last stage of company tax cuts.

But, as it pushes to have the legislation passed this week, One Nation's Pauline Hanson is refusing to budge.

The government needs eight of the crossbench, but is, at last count, four votes short.

After talking to Canberra locals about the impact of the personal income tax cuts, the prime minister called the Labor campaign "mean spirited" and negative.

Labor has rolled out a television ad, saying Malcolm Turnbull will personally benefit from the corporate tax cuts because of his massive shareholdings in big business.

Mr Turnbull said it was an example of "how the Labor Paryy is abandoning everything that it used to stand for."

And he defended his right to make money.

"They want to attack me for having a quid," the multimillionaire said.

"They want to attack me and Lucy for working hard and having a go. Luce and I have done that all our lives.

"Making money. Paying tax. That's apparently not the Labor way any more.

"You're not allowed to have a go. Make money. Work hard. 

"The old Labor leaders would be horrified by Bill Shorten's politics of envy."

© Nine News Coalition colleagues said the ad was "grubby" and "appalling" and point out most Australians, including Labor MPs would benefit from the corporate tax cuts through superannuation funds.

Ms Hanson, meantime, is standing firm, refusing to contemplate supporting the bill, unless the government guarantees a crackdown on multi national tax avoidance.

"We are losing a lot of money," Ms Hanson said.

"Let's look where the revenue is coming from. I'm not backing away from this."

The prime minister said the government had already reaped about $7 billion in multinational tax under reforms.

Ms Hanson claimed Clive Palmer had rung a member of her staff, demanding she support the cuts or he won't direct preferences to One Nation at the next election.

"I don't deal with grubs like that," Ms Hanson said.

"No-one should be bullied or threatened."

Centre Alliance, Derryn Hinch, and Tim Storer are all saying they won't back the cuts.

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