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'Pigs might fly': Abbott slams Turnbull's energy price policy logo 2/08/2018 Lane Calcutt

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has demanded the states "put aside their differences", and support his policy to bring down power prices.

And Mr Frydenberg is also staring down Coalition MPs such as Tony Abbott, who are stepping up their war against the National Energy Guarantee.

Mr Frydenberg is battling to win support from the states at a meeting of ministers tomorrow week.

But he's also having a struggle to calm angry backbenchers.

Mr Abbott, and a handful of others, argue the policy will push prices up, and are demanding a greater role for coal-fired power stations, and less reliance on renewables.

New modelling has confirmed the NEG would, over time, cut power bills by over $500.

It said the nation's reliance on renewable sources will double to 36 percent of total generation by 2030, and reliance on coal fall from 75 percent to 60.

But Mr Abbott said prices wouldn't fall and the modelling couldn't be believed.

"Well, frankly, pigs might fly," Mr Abbott told Sydney's 2GB.

Tony Abbott wearing a suit and tie: Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has slammed the NEG.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has slammed the NEG.
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"The fact is, the more renewables we have got, the higher the prices have got.

"And why shouldn't the last lot of modelling be any more believable than the modelling before that, which has turned out to be uniformally and constantly false."

Mr Abbott and others, including former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, have threatened to cross the floor and vote against the NEG.

But, hitting back at the critics, Mr Frydenberg insistent the policy would "lower power prices".

"The Turnbull Government has a laser-like focus in reducing power prices," he said.

"It's been backed by industry and business.

"And it's been backed up by independent modelling. We went to the independent experts, and they came up with the NEG.

"Nothing is in the way of supporting the NEG.

"We absolutely give a guarantee the NEG is in Australia's interests.

"The country is sick of the hyper-partnership around this issue.

"As political battle lines have been drawn, it's been the consumers that have been the casualties.

"It's now time for the states to put aside their differences and get behind the NEG."

He also said it was a "moment of truth" for the opposition to support the policy.

The National Energy Guarantee is designed to lower prices, cuts emissions, and increase reliability.

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