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Five issued raised from review into John Barilaro's US trade job

The findings of an independent investigation into the John Barilaro trade role fiasco have finally been released. It says the recruitment process didn't occur at arm’s length from the then minister, Stuart Ayres, but the premier says he's still none the wiser, over who's to blame for it all. SCRIPT: For eight weeks John Barilaro's appointment to a trade post has plagued the Premier and plunged his Government into crisis. Now a review has revealed, what has been apparent all along. "It shows a number of errors, fundamental errors in relation to the recruitment process." The man at the centre, the former Deputy Premier, wasn't found to have done anything wrong. It also wasn't in the review's remit to look at his actions, just his recruitment. "It deals with the public sector recruitment process and the flaws that have occurred in it." "Who is actually at fault here.// Look I don't know." Stuart Ayres lost his Ministerial job over the process.... which was overseen by the bureaucrat Amy Brown. The report concluded; this process did not occur at arm's length from the then Minister. It is highly irregular for a party, in this case a minister, to be consulted on a shortlist. It is even more problematic that the fact of it was not disclosed by Ms Brown. and where Ms Brown has indicated that she sought the former Minister's views informally (that) raises questions about the fairness of the process. "What that goes to is it raises questions in relation to a breach of a ministerial code of conduct in respect to direction to a Secretary." The report says Ms Brown is very clear that at no point did the Minister seek to direct her as to the outcome of the process. In fact, she stresses that the Minister was clear that it was her decision. However, she also indicated that her strong impression was that Mr Barilaro was preferred There's a recommendation to consider taking action against Ms Brown. "From now on Ministers can't be employed by public sector agencies they oversaw, for 18 months after leaving politics. It's a procedural response from the Premier, to a saga that's struck at the heart of integrity of this Government. And it's failed to appease his critics." "It is disappointing that Premier Perrottet is trying to pass off as a bureaucratic bungle which everyone else can see is a red hot political scandal." The Premier also intends to change legislation around public sector employment.
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