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Alberto Fernandez reveals that he was the next target of the thwarted assassins

News 360 logo News 360 12/09/2022 Daniel Stewart
Argentine President Alberto Fernandez - MARIA EUGENIA CERUTTI / TÉLAM © Provided by News 360 Argentine President Alberto Fernandez - MARIA EUGENIA CERUTTI / TÉLAM

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez revealed Monday that the couple who unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Vice President Cristina Fernandez had him as their next target.

"The conversations of the accused were known and they were talking about the failed attempt against Cristina and they were talking that the next one is me," the president explained in an interview with the Spanish television Telecinco. "It is a gang of scoundrels capable of doing such an atrocity," he said.

The president recalled the attempted assassination of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as "a moment of shock for everyone". What happened "should not make us think that this is Argentina". However, Cristina "is in one piece" and stressed that in Argentina after the last dictatorship "there have been no crimes of a political nature".

"The image is very hard, because it is the image of someone shooting twice, thank God without luck, twenty centimeters from Cristina's head", he pointed out. "It should not make us think that this is Argentina. It is a gang of scoundrels who are capable of doing such an atrocity," he added.

Fernandez has recognized that "in circumstances like that" in which a "crowd" was demonstrating in the street, "all security systems fail". "When someone is willing to put his life and freedom at risk, to achieve his goal, it is very difficult to predict," he explained.

"We are not doing something right so that in the head of a person penetrates such a horrible idea, as is to kill the other for what he thinks or represents," he added in reference to the arrested suspect, Fernando André Sabag Montiel.

As for the procedural situation of the suspect, he has rejected that the attacker is unimpeachable. "He has no alteration in his mental faculties. He has full comprehension of the criminality of his acts. He is not a madman, he could be a person angry with democracy, he cannot react in this way", he reiterated.

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