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Joe Biden won’t be the ‘America first president’

Sky News Australia logo Sky News Australia 25/11/2020 Sky News Australia

President-elect Joe Biden is sending the message he will not be the “America first president” like Donald Trump and is essentially returning to the Obama-era to a degree, US contributor Cam Stewart says.

Mr Stewart’s remarks came after Mr Biden took the stage with some of his cabinet picks on Wednesday.

He told Sky News that while the Democrats were happy with the team the former vice president had assembled, one “steeped in Washington experience”, the Republicans had a different take.

“They see it very much as Donald Trump’s the swamp and the deep state, the revenge of the swamp basically,” Mr Stewart said.

“Senators like Tom Cotton, a prominent Republican senator, came out today and said this is just a re-run of the Obama administration, they made a lot of mistakes, these guys won’t be any better and, you know, we should be very wary of it.

Joe Biden holding a sign © Provided by Sky News Australia

“The message Joe Biden is trying to give here, very, very clearly, is he will not be the Donald Trump, he won’t be the America first president, he’ll be the old-style president that reaches out to allies and is more of a globalist.

“It remains to be seen how this team actually performs but it’s a very different team.”

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