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Nathan Brown: 'My head coaching days are over'

Sporting News logo Sporting News 7/06/2022 Mark Molyneux

Nathan Brown has declared that his ‘head coaching days are over’ in the aftermath of his departure from the New Zealand Warriors.

Brown revealed, on NRL 360, his family had a huge bearing on his decision to walk away from the club. He reiterated that their desire to remain in Australia is ultimately what made him inform the Warriors he wouldn’t be able to relocate to New Zealand. 

“Today was sort of what I expected,” Brown said when quizzed on how the situation had unfolded.

“I had a talk with my family maybe five or six weeks ago… my wife informed me that my two eldest daughters weren’t prepared to move to New Zealand, and my youngest daughter said she wanted to live with her sisters.

“So basically, I said to them that’s pretty much the end of my coaching career.

“We’re a family that has done everything together. We moved to England, to Newcastle… relationships become a bit of a statistic as work becomes more important, but I’m not prepared to do that,” he said.

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Delving into why things didn’t work out for him at the Warriors, Brown believed that Covid had a massive bearing on the side's recent struggles. 

He revealed that junior pathways had been set up and were vital to establishing a production line of talent, yet the plan suffered as a result of the pandemic and the club's prolonged absence from the country.

“If Covid didn’t come, the Warriors would be in a great spot, but it’s been a hit. It’s hard to sign kids when you’re not there,” he said.

Brown also shed light on the difficulties the club had with not only identifying talent but then actually being able to sign it.  

“Generally, you don’t always get target one. Some clubs can operate on target one, but for most who are down at the bottom, it’s hard.

“Sometimes, when you identify target one but don’t get them, you’ve got to wait for the right person or you’re doing the wrong thing.”

Often regarded as a ‘development coach’ who helps get a club’s young roster in order, Brown was satisfied with the work he had done over the past few years.

He highlighted that many players had been recruited who will lift the team next year and how smart salary cap management had put them in an enviable position for the future.

“In 12 to 18 months’ time, the Warriors are going to give people plenty of things to talk about,” he declared.

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However, when asked on where his next move would be and if he would consider a job at another flailing club like the Wests Tigers, Brown dropped a bombshell.

“My head coaching days are finished. I’m not going to appear at another club… I’m going into another field in rugby league,” he said.

“I want to help another coach keep their job, so you blokes [media] stay off their back… I’d like to help a young coach to survive.”

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