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Bachelor TV start who hopes to become the future Judge Judy passes the bar while nine months pregnant and claims baby helped her

By Josh Saunders A Bachelor TV star who hopes to become the future Judge Judy has been sworn in after passing the bar while nine months pregnant and believes her baby helped her. Erica Rose, 35, from Houston, Texas, USA, was ready to pop while sitting her final exams to become an attorney and would onto give birth five days later. During the tests she was constantly checked up on by invigilators and concerned students who feared her waters could break at any moment. The mum-of-two, who famously appeared on TV shows The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad and You’re Cut Off, says her daughter was her ‘good luck baby’. She claims the baby would kick throughout the exams when she wanted to urge the future-mum to choose another answer. After giving birth to little Aspen, now three months old, she was revealed to had passed on October 29 and decided to get sworn in the same day. Now working as an attorney in family law for Holmes, Diggs, and Sadler, she hopes one day to fill the shoes of her idol Judge Judy or have her own show settling disputes. Erica said: “It’s what I’ve always wanted to do but being nine months pregnant wasn’t fun. “It was so hot in Texas, waddling around in the heat carrying the baby in my belly and all of my books. “Throughout the exam she was kicking the whole time, she was my good luck baby. “She was telling me all the answers to pick, she would kick every time she wanted me to pick a different answer. “During the exam, the admin team were asking if I was ok, and what if my waters broke, all the other students kept checking on me too. “Being pregnant gave me the extra motivation, I knew I needed to do it because I wouldn’t have as much time when taking care of two kids. “With my TV background I would love to have my own TV court show, I would change it up making it stylish and cool. “It’s always been a goal of mine. I have always been obsessed with Judge Judy, I think she is so smart, funny and an amazing woman. “I love how opinionated she is and tells it how it is despite how brutal that may be. “My goal is being opinionated, telling it like it is, coming from a real and genuine place, I think that’s how I am as a person.” Erica started studying law in 2008, gaining a master’s degree in entertainment law. But at the same time was on the lookout for love starring in reality TV shows and would go onto give birth to her first child Holland, two years ago. After getting married to Charles, 36, last December, she fell pregnant and believed it was the perfect time to pass the bar. Erica said: “While I was on The Bachelor, I was so distracted running around that I couldn’t focus and then I had my first daughter. “I figured out now was the right time to do it while I was pregnant because I would have more time then after she was born.” After finding out she had passed her exams she chose to get sworn in that exact same day in a ceremony conducted by Judge Mike Engelhart in Harris County Civil Court. Erica added: “As soon as I found out I went to get sworn in, I had waited so long for this that I knew I didn’t want to wait another day. “Everyone thought it was so funny, but equally as soon as you get sworn in you are licensed. “I feel happy that by 35 I’ve accomplished my current goals to get married, have kids and become an attorney.” Now working for Holmes, Diggs, and Saddler, she jokes that everyone refers to her as the ‘baby lawyer’. Erica said: “I love being a working mom, it’s definitely hard to find the work-life balance. “I get up at six to spend time with Aspen and breastfeed until I leave for work at eight, unless we have court. “I love working for the Holmes, Diggs, and Saddler, they are empowering, inspiring women who are strong, successful and encourage other women to be strong too.” After years looking for love, romance blossomed last summer with childhood friend Charles who she had known since she was a teenager. Erica said: “We were in love pretty immediately, then spent six to eight weeks before getting engaged and planning our wedding in two and a half months. “Why wait? I waited to be in love my whole life, it’s crazy, but we made it happen and it felt like a whirlwind. “We wouldn’t have changed anything about that.” Erica credits her family and husband for all the support they gave her while studying and after the arrival of Aspen. She added: “My husband has been the biggest help and support system, I couldn’t have done it without him. “When someone is so supportive of you and not intimidated of you being successful, it’s amazing.”
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