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Fixing Broken Bones with 3D Printing - A Project with Osteopore

3D printing is not just for the manufacturing industry. Osteopore International, a Singaporean medical technology firm, uses 3D printing to restore the human skeleton and heal wounds. If you break a bone catastrophically and require surgery, there are usually just two ways to fix it. You can either cut a section of bone from another part of your body, or insert a strong titanium implant to patch the original break. However, there are complications. Using your own bone will mean intense pain in the area where the bone was removed – the pain may go on for months and beyond. Metal-based implants can be affected by ambient temperatures, causing severe discomfort. Both options can result in infections and rejection by the body. Singaporean medical technology firm Osteopore is offering a third, possibly more palatable, option for reconstructive surgery: Insert a biodegradable and customised bone scaffold that allows new bone tissues to grow into it organically. Since this regenerated bone comes from the patient’s body, there is also little risk of immune rejection or infection. Read more about this amazing scaffold at ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us to stay updated on the latest science and tech breakthroughs! Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
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