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Gender reveal fireworks fail sends partygoers screaming and running for cover

A gender reveal fireworks fail sent partygoers screaming and running for cover at a home in Philadelphia on July 15. In the video, a couple lights gender reveal fireworks set up on a clothes drying rack. But some of the fireworks fall down from the drying rack and end up firing at the partygoers instead of in the sky. The partygoers scream and run for cover to avoid getting hit by the fireworks. “The fireworks were set up on a flimsy clothes drying rack, which was not too stable,” a partygoer said. “You can tell immediately that that was a bad idea.” “My wife was filming with my phone and I immediately grabbed my son and covered his face and ran,” the partygoer added. "A few adults got hit but no serious injuries — just minor burns.”
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