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1020-HP Tesla Model S Plaid Gets Price Hike ahead of'Delivery Event'

Car and Driver logo Car and Driver 2 days ago Connor Hoffman
a car parked on the side of a road: The high-performance model, which will be delivered during a livestream event tonight at 10 p.m. ET, is now $10,000 more expensive. © Tesla The high-performance model, which will be delivered during a livestream event tonight at 10 p.m. ET, is now $10,000 more expensive.
  • Tesla has increased the price of the new Model S Plaid ahead of deliveries that start tonight, which it will livestream here.
  • The price was increased after Tesla canceled the more powerful Model S Plaid+, and now the Plaid costs $131,190.
  • The Model S Plaid uses a tri-motor setup to produce 1020 horsepower, and Tesla claims it'll reach 60 mph in 2.0 seconds.

Tesla will livestream a delivery event for its anticipated Model S Plaid tonight at 10 p.m. ET at its plant in Fremont, California. Ahead of the event this week, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that it canceled the Model S Plaid+ variant, and now the Plaid’s price has increased to $131,190. The increase won't affect those who have already placed orders, a customer service representative on Tesla’s website told us.

Musk commented on Twitter that there was no need for the even higher-performance Plaid+ model because the Plaid is sufficient. The $10,000 price increase could be because there is now only one model (the Plaid+ was priced at $151,190), or due to the semiconductor shortage, which Musk says has been affecting Tesla. Its prices have been steadily increasing recently. The Model S Long Range currently costs $88,190, nearly $18,000 more than the 2020–2021 Long Range Plus.

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Tesla is claiming that the Model S Plaid will reach 60 mph in 2.0 seconds and run through the quarter-mile in 9.2 seconds at 155 mph. Jay Leno recently said on Spike's Car Radio that, in the Plaid, he posted a 9.247-second quarter mile at 152 mph, and the drag slip was posted on Twitter. Those times would make the Plaid by far the quickest car we’ve ever tested, and we'll find out for sure when we do. It's also said to have a 200-mph top speed, but only with a special wheel-and-tire setup that won’t be available until the fall.

a car engine: Tesla Model S Plaid platform. © Tesla Tesla Model S Plaid platform.

The Plaid model has three electric motors producing 1020 horsepower, Tesla says. The Plaid+ previously boasted 1100 horsepower. Tesla estimates that the Plaid will achieve EPA range figures of 350 or 390 miles on a single charge, depending on which wheel-and-tire combination the car is wearing. Previously, Tesla said that the now canceled Model S Plaid + would have a 520-plus-mile range.

Tesla recently gave the Model S a redesign, including a refreshed interior with a yoke-style steering wheel, and the Plaid models don’t look significantly different. They are available with a set of 19- or 21-inch wheels.

We’ll see more of the highest-performance Tesla soon and will run it through our instrumented testing when we get our hands on one.


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