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Pulsar Content, XYZ Films Drop Teaser for Sitges-Bound Sci-Fi Drama ‘Tropic’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety 2022-10-06 Elsa Keslassy
© Courtesy of Pulsar/XYZ

Pulsar Content and XYZ Films have dropped the teaser for “Tropic,” Edouard Salier sci-fi drama which world premiered at Fantastic Fest and will next play in competition at Sitges on Oct. 9.

Penned by Salier and Mauricio Carrasco, the film follows Lázaro and Tristán, two twin brothers and best friends who are training together for the Astronaut Academy entrance tests. One day, Tristán is contaminated with some mysterious residue which makes him monstrous physically and weakened mentally. This disaster forces Lázaro to let go of how he remembers his brother and learn to love him as he is now, in a world where there is no room for monsters.

“Tropic” stars Pablo Cobo, Louis Peres, Marta Nieto, and Marvin Dubart. It was produced by Ninon Chapuis and Jean-Michel Rey, Rezo Productions. The movie will be released in France by Rezo Films.

Salier comes from a graphic background and is passionate about science fiction, comics, manga, South American literature and magic realism. His credits include the short film “Habana” which revolves around monsters who are trapped in Cuba’s abandoned neighborhood.

Recent Pulsar titles include “Resurrected” by Egor Baranov, “La Maison” by Anissa Bonnefont, “Lady Nazca” by Damien Dorsaz, and “Nightride” by Stephen Fingleton

XYZ’s current projects include “Blackberry” from director Matt Johnson, which just sold to IFC Films; “The Wasp” starring Naomie Harris and Natalie Dormer, “Ash” starring Tessa Thompson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; and “The Black Kaiser” starring Mads Mikkelsen, among others.

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