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Eamon McGrath - Power (official video) - Directed by Fernando Castanier

"Power" from the upcoming album TANTRAMAR (Saved By Vinyl, June 2, 2018) by Eamon McGrath --- Filmed in Guadalajara, Mexico, February 10, 2018 Directed by Fernando Castanier Starring Mar Valdez Cinematography by Larissa Moreno Wardrobe by Paulina Encinas and Aaka Make-up by Bren de Alba Camera operation by Giovanni Leunam Post production by Norberto Altamirano Production assistance by Joel Gastellum --- On February 9, 2018, Guadalajara-based filmmaker Fernando Castanier and his crew went deep into the woods in the mountains of Jalisco for an overnight shoot and created the video for "Power," the first single from Eamon McGrath’s upcoming album Tantramar, available June 2 on Saved By Vinyl. The result is an atmospheric and ominous ode to the transformative effects of the observed universe. McGrath’s connections to the rich and vibrant artistic community of Guadalajara began March 2017 during his first Mexican tour. “Guadalajara is described as Mexico’s ‘cultural capital’,” McGrath recalls. “The place is teaming and crawling with artists, writers and filmmakers: there’s this artistic spirit in the air that's as thick as any urban smog.” “We need to collapse sometimes to be reborn, like nebulas; and I think we’re made of cosmos and chaos, like the stars,” Castanier also chimes in, from his home in Guadalajara. “You have a kind of crush when you find something beautiful about a piece of art. In this case, this was Eamon’s song. I think I have certainly a great connection with ‘Power’, like the same connection we have with nature and the cosmos itself, and that’s what the video is talking about.”
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