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Life for Lucy | Conquering SMA This is Lucy. At 5 weeks this vibrant little shining light was diagnosed with SMA1, a neuromuscular disorder that if left untreated, means she won’t make it to her 2nd birthday. A ground-breaking new gene therapy called Zolgensma® has very recently become available and Lucy has been deemed a candidate for treatment. It has life-saving effects and Lucy needs this treatment NOW. The longer the wait, the more irreversible damage this neuromuscular disorder will have on her delicate newborn body. Getting approval for the drug is only half the battle, this treatment is not yet covered by Canadian Health Care and costs $3 million CAD. It’s overwhelming to know there’s something that could change Lucy’s life, but is currently out of reach. This is why we need your support and are asking for your help. Please visit now and donate what you can to SAVE LUCY’S LIFE. Time isn’t on her side, and we need to get her the treatment that will save her life TODAY.
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