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Son Surprises Dad With Baseball Mitt He'd Wanted Since Emigrating From Cuba as a Child

A heartwarming video of a Chicago man surprising his father with his dream baseball glove is gaining traction online, after it was posted to both Reddit and Facebook.The footage, shared by Juan-Elias Riesco on July 14, shows Riesco’s dad breaking down in tears as he unwraps the mitt he’d wanted since he was nine years old.According to the post, Riesco’s grandparents had emigrated to the United States back in the late 1960s.“My grandma told my dad they were leaving Cuba but only to get my father (who was 9 years old at the time) his dream baseball mitt – the Wilson A2000,” he wrote alongside the video.Almost fifty years later, Riesco was able to buy the glove himself to give to his father.Riesco, who co-owns a Cuban restaurant called Nini’s Deli with his father, told Storyful:“Since I was a kid it’s been my dream to buy my father this baseball mitt, but since they’re basically $300 I knew I had to be financially stable before I made that move. This gift was not just a dream come true for my father, but also a life goal I had told myself I would accomplish.”The footage had over 1,800 views on Facebook, and was trending on Reddit at the time of writing. Credit: Juan-Elias Riesco via Storyful
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