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A bride has absolutely LOST IT at her wedding guests in the greatest rant of all time.

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We’d like to introduce you to a woman named Susan.

Susan decided to marry her long term boyfriend.

In order to have the “blow out” wedding of her dreams, Susan asked all her wedding guests to “donate” $1500 to her.

Yep, $1500.

When her wedding guests very rightly refused to give ole’ Susie the cash she, erm, called them a bunch “c*nts” and “snakes” in a ridiculously long Facebook rant.

In the Facebook post, Susan explained that she had called off the wedding, dumped her ex-fiance, and was planning to delete Facebook and backpack around South America for two months, to get away from all the “toxic energy”.


In the “mini novel” Susan called out her former maid of honour who is apparently a “filthy f*cking poor excuse for a friend”.

Susan would also like her former fiance to know that she’s not some “hooch piece of f*cking trash, a hooker”.

Anywho, we’ve included Susan’s entire soap opera of a Facebook rant below for your reading pleasure.

Get the popcorn ready.

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Image: Reddit.
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Don't be like Susan.

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