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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - May 13

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Your sensitivity may hit new extremes. As a Sagittarian, it's already part of your nature to feel things deeply. With the influence from this day's aspects, it can get to the point where you're overwhelmed. Don't be too hard on yourself if the slightest thing has you weepy or agitated. Try to get through the day with as much control as you can muster, and trust that tomorrow will be easier.Is your soulmate just around the corner? Find out here.

Your love horoscope

This is a good day to have some fun conversations with people. You'll be in the mood to banter and to be witty. You might enjoy hanging out with a few friends and swapping creative comments. You'll have fun telling silly jokes and making clever remarks. If you are invited to a party or another social gathering, you'll enjoy taking a spot center stage. Your imaginative ideas and big smile will charm others today!

Your career horoscope

You are undoubtedly working on a new way of looking at your professional activity these days. You are concerned with the future of your profession or at the very least, the evolution of your trade. It is soon going to be time to apply the way you envisage your future and give it concrete form. What you think is no longer in the realm of science fiction. The future is soon to be now...

Your finance horoscope

Harmony and peace is all well and good, but sometimes it is powerless until you take action to defend it. Now is the day to take action. Don't just sit back and let the world go by without putting your two cents in. Don't bite your tongue just so you avoid confrontation. People might not realize that they are being unfair or unreasonable until you let them know that they are.

Your wellbeing horoscope

A close friend or romantic partner might be in a negative mood today. You might want to try to lift this person out of that mood. Take your friend to a sports event, a party, or a funny movie - and if you're turned down at first, don't take no for an answer! It'll do your friend good to get out of that blue funk - and it'll do you good as well! Have fun!

Tomorrow's horoscope

Things that have been building for a long time suddenly seem to be coming to a head for you today. Strong, slow-moving trends are coming into the picture and rearing their ugly heads. There is a great deal of opposition that is now making itself known in your life. Try not to lose yourself in the situation. See this as an opportunity to gain perspective and bring balance to the roller coaster that is your emotional life.

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Life: Nothing can hold you back this week; your energy is very impressive and is making you unstoppable! It’s time for you to blow everyone away with your skills and know how; get ready to take center stage.

Love: Mars and Venus will ensure your love life is full of passion and intensity this week. Your heart is full of love and you are embracing the beautiful feelings. If you are single, you can count of meeting someone who’ll get your heart racing.

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Jupiter in Pisces on the 14th blesses you with optimism and the ability to enjoy life in a hedonistic way. You also feel the need to take care of others and you prove that you have a heart in your hand.


Mars makes you energetic and animates your will to settle your affairs and advance in your undertakings. In the middle of the month, thanks to Jupiter, you will see lucky and triumphant prospects. Financially, Saturn retrograde from the 23rd onwards requires you to let your projects mature.


You are at your best physically, intellectually and morally but do not forget to recharge your batteries.

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