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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - August 08

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You do not harbor fools gladly, and superficial fools even less so. You have a mind to teach those around you a lesson. You are uncompromising and unyielding today, and can't understand why others around you do not follow your same high standards. But are you truly as honest as you expect others should be ? Bear in mind that the quality of an artistic endeavor, in particular, is likely to be judged differently by each person who experiences it...Find out more about our top experts.

Your love horoscope

Your heart is going pitter-patter, and you are tempted to escape into a romantic fantasyland in which you play the starring princess role. The bad news is that something may be trying to hold you back. It could be that evil is coming on the scene and reminding you that work needs to be done here on Earth before you can go off into your own little fairy-tale world.

Your career horoscope

A talent for interior decoration that you may or may not have been aware of in the past, might spur you on to considering doing some work on your home. You'll probably consider a lot of different options, and make long lists of possibilities. Discussions with friends and family members can bring new ideas to mind, and you might want to take a chance and try something a little different. Go to it and have fun.

Your finance horoscope

Unforeseen circumstances may compel you to cancel a social engagement. Unattained goals which you may have been trying to reach in the past could well be weighing on your mind today, and therefore you might feel the urge to move forward with them immediately. This is a good idea, but take care to move slowly and methodically. You could be tempted to make some rash moves, and this is NOT a good idea at this time.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today you could grow impatient with your living space. Maybe it's time to make a few changes. You might want to do something like re-arrange furniture. Or perhaps it's time to add a dose of color to some drab rooms. Your mood might be brighter if you add some vibrant shades. Check out some new paint or wallpaper patterns and see if creativity strikes. Don't be afraid to make your space yours!

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today you might want to make some extra time to spend with family members. It's a good day to visit your nieces and nephews and to talk with your siblings. Or if you have kids of your own, you might want to go home early so that you can be with them. It's so easy to get caught up in your own concerns, but your family still needs you!

Here are your free predictions for the week, from August 07 to August 13

Life: Mercury will see you adopt a completely new and positive attitude this week. Your imagination is running wild, and your ideas really are inspiring everyone around you. Summer is a time of relaxation and for kicking back!

Love: Your relationship will step into the spotlight this week, and Venus will reassure you of your partner’s feelings. The next few days will be full of fun, passion and desire for you and your partner; make the most of them.

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Love and friendship

Until the 10th, Venus and Mars will allow you to create extraordinary, sensual and solid emotional bonds. You could bet on an exciting encounter or strengthen your couple through new prospects. Later you will express your generosity in tender attention to family and friends.

Work and money

During the first 15 days, you can count on Mars and Uranus to abolish some clichés, astound your coworkers, come up with new ideas--don't be stupid if not everyone agrees; you are too far ahead for others. Afterwards, heal your accounts!


You will not really relax at first but generally your heart full of joy conveys to everyone your being light, dynamic and your 100% zest for life. You get up without waking up, jump out of bed and go! On vacation, you prefer playful activities to strenuous sports.

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