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Taurus: Your daily horoscope - May 14

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Dependability and stability are key aspects of this day. Take action that will prove to others that these parts of your nature are fully functional. Other people may be quite stubborn, and you will most certainly have to fight to get your viewpoint across. People will not be easily moved. You may need to get out the bulldozer. Maintain an air of tenderness in all your relations with others.Get to know our awesome advisors.

Your love horoscope

Today you could be feeling torn between being practical and following your impulses. Your head and your heart could be battling one another. This could be making you a little dizzy, to say the least! In your personal life, you might want to be loyal to someone, but you also want to be honest. It's OK to address any problems you have been having. Just be careful to use language that is loving and positive with that person.

Your career horoscope

Your home life is likely to be hopping today! Either visitors will stop by unexpectedly, houseguests will move in or out, or workmen will swarm the place doing long promised repairs. It is a bit chaotic, to be sure, but also somewhat exciting to have so many people in your home. Just because the day will be hectic doesn't mean that it won't be satisfying and fun.

Your finance horoscope

Put some of your brilliant knowledge to practical use today. Other people may appear stubborn, and it may be difficult for you to communicate the way you would like. Concentrate on your own projects and do things that require patience and a stable frame of mind. Capture the magic of the day by slowing things down and listening more than talking. You will receive the answers to the questions that you seek.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today's forecast is excellent for you. The celestial bodies can't help but smile on the tempestuous energy of your Taurus character. You would be well advised to act on the strong intuition you are endowed with today. But be cautious, lest your impulsive spirit stop you from taking the recommended precautions...

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today, you have the perfect opportunity to change your daily routine. Like most anxious persons you need to organize your life on a daily basis. But today, you will probably let yourself go and you will discover a new sense of freedom. Let those around you guide you to places you have never been before!

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Life: You want to succeed and are focusing on your goals, yet the hard work you are putting in is isolating you. Put your worries to the side and focus on what you want. If you have any decisions to make, listen to your gut.

Love: If you are in a relationship, both you and your partner seem to be battling each other to save your independence. Respecting each other’s freedom and ideas is an essential step in your relationship being successful.

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Jupiter in Pisces from the 14th brings you peace and serenity within your family as well as in love. From the 26th onwards, Mercury, Venus and Neptune may bring about a disappointment in friendship.


Mars provides you with a good dose of energy to resolve outstanding issues. Fortunately, thanks to Jupiter, you have enough self-confidence to impose your desires. However, as of the 23rd, Saturn will force you to let your plans mature.


Jupiter offers you its support from the 14th. You see things in a more positive light even if physically you end the month with a lot of accumulated fatigue. Your home is your resource, so try to spend more time at home and don't run from one hobby to another!

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