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Emma Thompson - "On April 15th the International Rebellion begins, be there!" - Extinction Rebellion

"The climate change argument is now a race between consciousness and cataclysm" - Emma Thompson The 10 Working Principles of Extinction Rebellion https://Rebellion.Earth/who-we-are/#principles 1. We have a shared vision of change 2. We set our mission on what is necessary 3. We need a re-generative culture 4. We hopefully challenge ourselves, and this toxic system 5. We value reflection and learning 6. We welcome everyone, and every part of everyone into Extinction Rebellion 7. We actively mitigate for power 8. We avoid blaming and shaming 9. We are a non-violent movement 10. We are based on autonomy and de-centralization World Map of XR Chapters: DONATE? Join Us: https://Rebellion.Earth/contact/ Twitter: #ExtinctionRebellion Facebook: Website: https://Rebellion.Earth Instagram: Climate Factsheet for Rebels: https://Rebellion.Earth/the-climate-factsheet-for-rebels/ Rebellion Overview Document: International Signup: Southampton: Bristol: Sheffield: Lancashire: Frome: Glasgow: Scotland: Sweden: France: Germany: Netherlands: Denmark: Denmakr: India: Australia: https://AusRebellion.Earth/ North Qld: SE Qld: NorthernRivers: NSW: VIC: SA: WA: New Zealand: USA: SF Bay Area: Sacramento: Los Angeles: New York: Wash DC: Boston: Chicago: Tampa: Central Kentucky: Savannah: Austin: Yellow Springs: Grand Rapids: Minneapolis: Colorado: Denver: Wyoming: Montana: Seattle: Eugene: Bellingham: Hawaii: Canada: Alberta, Canada: Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada: British Columbia, Canada: Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada: Vancouver, BC, Canada: Ontario, Canada: World Map of XR Chapters:
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