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These Silver Spun Goods Socks Have Actual Silver Stitched In, and Wow 2022-04-09 Eunice Lucero-Lee
There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — do they really work? In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do.

The Product on Trial

Silver Spun Goods Socks

The Tester

Eunice Lucero-Lee, home loungewear obsessive drowning in cat fur

The Brief

I've always been a home-footwear fan, whether that be in the form of warm, cozy indoor slippers (better to scuffle to the couch in, my dear), a pair of grippies that keep me slip-free on kitchen tiles, or some snuggly, fuzzy socks that just do all of the above. I 'm also of that weird minority that wears socks to bed — maybe it's poor circulation, maybe it's my duvet-stealing husband — but nevertheless, I 'm #TeamSock all the way (and proud of it).

What's the exact issue with all of this? Well, I also have a furry ragdoll cat that goes into a full winter coat shed frenzy every spring. The thing about being #TeamSock and wading through pet fur is that by the end of the day, an obscene amount of fluff has taken over my home, making me a walking lint trap. This makes throwing any used socks in the wash becomes a literal vicious cycle, despite my best efforts to de-lint any and all fabrics (How is my cat not bald? I wonder about this on the daily as I pick another strand from my lunch pizza or freshly glossed mouth).

So the moment I heard about Silver Spun Goods socks, which have pure silver threads woven into the entire sock from seam to stitch, I jumped at the chance to try them out. The silver makes the sock antibacterial and “remarkably fresh” for up to a week before washing, while keeping your feet dry. That said, I also wanted to see if this technology meant that they would somehow remain fuzz-free — and hold up to a week of cat-lady-apartment wear without transforming into a marabou slipper. Dust sticks to sweaty feet. No sweaty feet = no dusty feet!

I tested two pairs: the Plush Crew Sock, which is part of their Luxe Collection made from hand-dyed cotton, and their Chase Footie Sock from their Signature Collection, which is their main core portfolio. Both promise zero stink, zero germs, and 100% coziness.

Sustainable, upcycled, ethically sourced, and made in the U.S.A., Silver Spun Socks started off first as a yarn invented by avid knitter Laurie Gonyea, who first discovered its therapeutic benefits. The yarn was produced in 2013 using American-grown cotton and pure silver to give it its softness, warmth, odor- and germ-killing properties and its unique need for fewer washes.

Plush Crew Socks - Natural © Plush Crew Socks - Natural


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Upon my first time wearing these socks, the first thing that stood out to me was that they had the toe seam on the outside, which was a pleasant surprise. They say this design quirk was to maximize comfort and smoothness on the inside — which, yes, that too, but oddly enough, it also looked really cute. Like, in a rustic, nubby knit sweater, cottagecore kind of way? Anyway, I really dug it, and the fact that it came in a contrasting color from the body of the sock lent to the magpie charm.

Day 5 and still looking fresh! Passed the sniff test, too. © Eunice Lucero-Lee Day 5 and still looking fresh! Passed the sniff test, too.

The Plush is made from combed cotton, silver/nylon, and spandex, so it’s definitely up there in terms of cozy wearability. It’s also soft enough that you can actually slouch it down slightly for a bit of that ’80s lewk. And although The Plush never claimed to be a fuzz-repellent sock, I wanted to see if its antibacterial properties — bacteria can play a part in allergic inflammation — came to the fore to minimize any buildup on the footbed; I was going to test this in bed, too, and it would come it contact with my blankets and sheets, after all. At the very least, I wanted to see if it kept my feet completely dry, preventing any debris to latch onto the soles via moisture.

The Footie is made from upcycled cotton, recycled polyethylene tetraphyte, silver/nylon, and spandex. I tried the Footie sock during a Pilates workout, and as expected, it didn't provide much grip on the mat. But when I went straight to a dental appointment afterward, I felt completely dry. They were so comfy and moisture-free that I forgot I was literally wearing post-workout socks to run errands (something I never do). Despite feeling super soft, they didn't ride down my ankles either, which is another pet peeve of mine. Also, I don't know who needs to hear this, but apparently, charcoal-gray ankle socks make your cuffs look kinda chic.

Great for zhuzhing up your dad sneakers. © Eunice Lucero-Lee Great for zhuzhing up your dad sneakers.

The Closing Argument

After a full week of apartment wear, my ivory Plush Crew retained its integrity — no smell, no moisture, no fraying, and most crucially, no lint or fur on the soles! (I mean, what sorcery!?) My Silver Spun Socks kept my feet sweat-free, therefore definitely did not attract lint or pet hair during use each time I checked, so much so that they were even clean and dust-free enough to wear to bed and underneath the covers the entire week. What dust accumulated during wear didn’t stick to the bottoms since my feet were dry, which is the best anyone can hope for in a fabric, especially if you live in a house with pets/incessant shedding. Any moisture on your feet that would potentially be a cause for dust- or lint-trapping is gone.

Day 7: Still fluff-free! © Eunice Lucero-Lee Day 7: Still fluff-free!

I don't think this was what Silver Spun Goods had in mind when they created this sock, but I am embracing this off-label perk — along with its obvious antibacterial, moisture-wicking, scent-resistant benefits — wholeheartedly. The furball can shed to her heart's content, too, so a win-win for all.

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