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23 offbeat wedding photos

Photos logoPhotos 2017-10-19

Wedding photos make for memories of a lifetime. As always, some photographers capture these priceless and unforgettable moments better than the others.

Here is a look at some award-winning candid and offbeat wedding photos from Fearless Photographers, a unique photography directory of some of the world's best wedding lensmen, who are creatively pushing the envelope when it comes to professional wedding photography. 

'Cramped for room'

© Isabelle Hattink Central Netherlands 
Isabelle | Hattink Fotobelle

'There goes my outfit!'

© Joseph Radhik Mumbai, India
Joseph Radhik | Stories By Joseph Radhik

'Murder she wrote!'

© Sander Van Mierlo Central Netherlands
Sander Van Mierlo | Flexmi

'Love all'

© ANAND RATHI Mumbai, India
Anand Rathi | Reels And Frames

'Both sides now'

© ANDY ZHENG Queensland, Australia
Andy Zheng | Evernew Studio

'Reflection of the future' 

© Vinci Wang China
Vinci Wang | Vinciwang

'You're my sunshine'

© Hendra Lesmana Indonesia
Hendra Lesmana | Cheese N Click Photography

'Make way!'
© Heiko Schmidt Hamburg, Germany
Heiko Schmidt | Mann & Frau Schmidt

'Got my eyes on you...'

© Jeff Cooke Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jeff Cooke | Cooked Photography

'Wedding can wait...'

© Kristian Leven London, UK
Kristian Leven | Kristian Leven Photography

'Shades of love'

© Madson Augusto Northeast Region, Brazil
Madson Augusto

'Three to tango!'

© Tracey Buyce New York, US
Tracey Buyce | Tracey Buyce Photography

'Falling in love'

© ANTONINO GITTO Sicily, Italy
Antonino Gitto | Gap Di Antonino Gitto

'Leave out the rest'

© Duy Ho San Francisco, California, US
Duy Ho | Duy Ho Photography

'Cheers darling!'

© Kemran Shiraliev Russia
Kemran Shiraliev | Shiraliev Photography

'When it's all over...'

© Wellington Fugisse Northeast Region, Brazil
Wellington Fugisse | Wellington Fugisse Photography

'Under my umbrella'

© Cristiano Ostinelli Northern Italy
Cristiano Ostinelli | Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

'Handle with care'

© Zachary Long New York, US
Zachary Long | Fenglong Photography

'Just kidding!'

© Maarten Devoldere Ghent, Belgium
Maarten Devoldere | Maarten Devoldere Photography

'Drifting away'

© Jesus Ochoa Venezuela

Jesus Ochoa | Jesus Ochoa Fotografo

'Puppy love'

© Peter Van Der Lingen Northern Netherlands
Peter Van Der Lingen | Peter Van Der Lingen Fine Art Weddings

'Horsey bridesmaids'

© Fabio Mirulla Central Italy
Fabio Mirulla | Fabio Mirulla Photographer

'Come away with me'

© Donatella Barbera Central Italy
Donatella Barbera | D2 Photography

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