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How did so many people get COVID-19 at a fitness class in Hamilton?

How did so many people get sick at a fitness class in Hamilton?. A spin cycling class is linked to nearly 70 COVID-19 cases. The studio was operating at half capacity and following social distancing. Doctors say fitness classes have a lot of shouting or singing that can shoot droplets far away. If you mix that in with a space that may not have proper ventilation, there is risk for a lot of spread, Dr. Andrew Morris, a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto. Other doctors say spin classes could be more risky because the bike wheels may propel droplets further away. Dance classes where people are moving into other participant airspace can also be risky. But not all fitness classes have the same risk . Yoga has controlled breathing, and can be safer if it’s not crowded or poorly ventilated. Open windows, limiting the number of people, and good ventilation reduce the risk . Masks can be uncomfortable, but can be worn most of the time . Gyms are closed in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa for four weeks to help limit spread. Doctors suggest working out outdoors this winter if fitness centres are deemed too risky. "I think this is going to re-emphasize the safety and the necessity of being able to get some activity and fresh air outside, Dr. Matthew Oughton, infectious disease expert at Jewish General Hospital in Montreal
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