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Is it safe to trick-or-treat on Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Is it safe to trick-or-treat on Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic?. Infectious disease specialists are divded:. Areas with few COVID cases will be safer, but it is tough to keep excited kids socially distanced. We've just shut down gyms and restaurants (in parts of Ontario and Quebec)... I just don't think it's a good idea, Dr. Anna Banerji, University of Toronto's School of Public Health. But other doctors say the risk is low because it happens outdoors. They say kids should clean their hands before eating. To hand out candy, sit outside so no one touches the doorbell. Don't let kids put their hands into the candy bowl. Use tongs...or build a little slide where you pop the candy in a tube and it pops out the other end, Dr. Martha Fulford of McMaster Children's Hospital . One child psychologist says it is important for kids to keep up fun traditions. She suggests a candy scavenger hunt at home instead of cancelling. It's about how we can reframe things for kids so that there's still something... that can be quite meaningful to them, Dr. Nicole Racine, University of Calgary. The CDC says kids can reduce their risk by wearing cloth masks and staying two metres apart . It says a costume mask is not the same as a cloth mask. Canada’s top doctor suggests a hockey stick or pool noodle to keep kids far enough away from homeowners
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