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Letter: Sask. has higher priorities than a new posse of Moe marshals

Star Phoenix logo Star Phoenix 2022-12-05 Reader Letters
Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer Rhonda Blackmore speaks during a press conference in Regina on Wednesday Sept. 7, 2022. © Provided by Star Phoenix Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer Rhonda Blackmore speaks during a press conference in Regina on Wednesday Sept. 7, 2022.
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With the news that the Saskatchewan government is moving on a marshals service in Saskatchewan it is enlightening and disturbing to hear the reaction of our present provincial police service.

The union representing RCMP officers says the marshals service is completely unnecessary. Rhonda Blackmore, commanding officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP, has raised concerns about the uncertain value of a marshals service in Saskatchewan.

She has raised concerns as well about what it would take to build an infrastructure for the service when the RCMP already have one.

Premier Moe’s marshals service completely bypasses very real and pressing priorities for Saskatchewan. Housing, health and primary school funding are priorities and need emergency support right now.

Unlike a healthy and hard-working government that responds steadily and responsibly to acute public health priorities, the Saskatchewan government is running in the opposite direction. Why not instead respond to requests from First Nation communities with tangible support for their own community police?

Besides the negative reaction to anything connected to the federal government, what is the real reason for this formation of Moe’s marshals posse?

There is deep concern that this marshals force will be used against the civil rights of people and communities; that it will be wielded broadly and without supervision, unfairly affecting individuals’ human rights in Saskatchewan.

Don Kossick, Saskatoon


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