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Tips for Wrapping Christmas Presents

Tips , for Wrapping Christmas Presents. these tips will help you step up your wrapping game. 1, Choose busier patterns. Mixed patterns hide a lot of messy wrapping work if you don't have the time or patience to make it look seamless, Lauren Decker, owner of The Curated NY. 2. , Get professional cutting tools or at least sharp scissors. Having the proper tools will make cutting straight lines a breeze. 3. , Use double-sided tape. Invisible seams are possible by taping the side of the paper to the very edge of the present, then wrapping around [the gift]. Use double-stick tape to keep it in place, Lauren Decker, owner of The Curated NY. 4. , Add toppers to your gifts. Not only does it make the gift seem more professional, but it also detracts from any wrapping mishaps. 5, Use tissue paper. Tissue paper adds a professional touch and makes the process of unwrapping longer, which is half the fun!
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