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Top Grocery Shopping Trends of 2021

Top Grocery Shopping Trends of 2021 . From the pandemic’s initial panic-buying rush to the summer bread-baking craze, 2020 has seen a number of grocery shopping trends. Instacart has released its “New Year, New Cart” report with forecasts for 2021’s at-home food trends. The company made predictions based on search and purchase activity from 2019 and 2020, as well as a survey by The Harris Poll. Here are Instacart’s five grocery trends to look forward to in 2021. 1. Flavourful Spices and Condiments, Instacart data found a boost in year-over-year sales for certain shelf-stable sauces and spice blends. 2. Keto Products, Products with “keto” in the name saw a 72 per cent increase on Instacart’s marketplace. 3. Alcohol-Free Spirits, Trendy alcohol-free spirits have increased 195 per cent year-over-year. Consumers have also indicated a rising interest in alcoholic versions of healthy drinks, like hard kombucha. 4. Locally-Run or Owned Brands, 23 per cent of survey respondents researched brands before purchasing in 2020. Instacart predicts consumers will continue to be selective in 2021. 5. Weekday Shopping Trips, With 2020’s work-from-home flexibility, Instacart saw weekday orders increase by eight per cent. 22 per cent of survey respondents said they shifted from weekend to weekday shopping runs
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