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Video: Thunder? Earthquake? Skyquake? Here's the sound that woke Montreal up last night

The Gazette logo The Gazette 2021-03-25 JP Karwacki
A screencap of the moment the sky lit up as brightly as daytime at 3 a.m. © Provided by The Gazette A screencap of the moment the sky lit up as brightly as daytime at 3 a.m.
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Montrealers have been taking to social media all morning to ask the same question: What was the sound that shook people out of their beds at approximately 3:26 a.m.?

Front-door security camera footage like the above has been gradually appearing on Twitter, showing what appears to be one momentous thunderclap that roared through the sky. Anecdotal reports have described the flash as being followed by a sonic boom — as many as two loud booms followed by a longer one — that rattled homes and shook people out of bed.

“Breaking the sound barrier? (An) exploding train station? We clearly have no tectonic plates that can move (closely together),” read one post on Reddit .

The sound and light might have been isolated, as Montrealers largely on the western side of the island are talking about it. Weather reports show a storm approaching from the west:

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time the West Island has reported huge, thunderous sounds above them. Last year in July, Dollard des Ormeaux residents heard an eerie noise that said sounded like trumpets in the sky .

Montrealers maintain their sense of humour about the experience, however.



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