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Missed it by that much!

Sometimes things don't go quite as you had planned. This video is a metaphorical expression of the value in a pre-trip vehicle inspection which increases the likelihood that you will get where you planned to go. Share your inspection routine (dance) using #JiveB4UDrive Developing a practice where you walk around your vehicle checking to ensure tires have air in them, that nothing is behind or underneath your vehicle (inclusive of puddles caused by fluid leaks), and that all lights are working before driving is a safe choice. This habit should be combined with a more thorough weekly and monthly routine multi-point inspection to ensure you are not surprised by a failure or breakdown at the least opportune time. Worse yet, having a vehicle system failure that leads to a traffic incident resulting in injury or death. Find free traffic safety resources at: Want to support the creation of content just like this? Donate today at
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