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Alan Doyle - Take Us Home

"Take Us Home" appears on So Let's Go, available for purchase @ This song was featured on the final episode of Republic of Doyle. Follow Alan on Twitter - and Facebook - LYRICS: This is my hand Take it now it’s yours to keep These are my eyes Look into them and you’ll see How a rainbow needs the rain Or it will never shine again It’s the same for you and me These are my footsteps Falling surely next to yours This is the moment That we’ve been waiting for It’s our story now to tell Raise the curtain, ring the bell And open up the doors Hey, altogether we will be We’re forever you and me Hey, the sun will show us where to go Love will give us heart and soul And take us home These are my arms Come to them when you’re cold This is my shoulder Rest your head and dream of home For there’ll nights and there’ll be days It seems a long, long ways away But we’ll make it now I know This is my song It’s the only one I know This is my heart Take it with you when you go I wanna thank you for the show No one wants to dance alone I’ll see you down the road
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