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Letters Jan. 29: Alberta and Canada will take an economic hit while feds derail energy industry

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives to speak to the media in Vancouver on January 22, 2023. © Provided by Edmonton Sun Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives to speak to the media in Vancouver on January 22, 2023.


Aren’t we all Canadians, first and foremost, whether we’re Albertans or Nova Scotians, every day? Like Justin’s Dad Mr. Pierre Elliot once said, the federal government has no place in the bedrooms of Canadians. Forget the bedroom Justin, how about your upcoming efforts to restrict and derail the energy industry in Western Canada? You’ll look good on the world stage, Mr. Trudeau, while all Albertans and Canadians will suffer economically. Good job Mr. Prime Minister, again.


(The feds are bent on undermining the energy industry.)


Wouldn’t call myself a fan of the Oilers. More of a casual observer. If they want to go farther they’ll have to demand more of themselves. They have to demand and expect more.


(Heaven knows, the fans expect more.)


So the Edmonton police are dipping into their budget to award citizens for coming up with ways to deter the theft of catalytic converters. I wish I was aware of the contest. My idea: Cops, do your job! They get videos and licence plate numbers of the crooks. They pull over guys with cut-off converters in their vehicles and a Sawzall in their possession and don’t arrest them, and even if they do the crooks are out on bail four hours later and cutting off more converters that evening. Problem solved.


(Right now the onus is on vehicle owners.)


There’s a critical piece of information not being talked about when discussing coal and climate change. It’s called scrubbers. I worked at TransAlta’s Genesee coal-fired generating facility west of Edmonton between 2010-2012 and the specs on the scrubbers in the stack, reportedly removed 97% of all pollutants. Today, all new coal-fired facilities, Chinese included, use embedded technology which remove in excess of 99% of all pollutants, both particulate and gaseous. Wet, dry and electrostatic scrubbers remove SO2, SO3, NOX and hydrochloric acids, while amine scrubbers remove CO2 emissions. The same innovation and technology that removes toxins from the environment, allows people to live in submarines and in space. Creating energy by burning coal used to create long lasting health and environmental concerns. Today’s technology has virtually eliminated those issues, but dirty images from the past are still being used to push perspectives both for and against change.


(When you think coal, you think dirty.)


Other than the ultra-left wing zealots in this country, is there anyone who believes anything the CBC says or does? Their source on Danielle Smith’s emailgate is probably Justin Trudeau, who has about as much credibility as his twin Jagmeet Singh. Rick Bell must work for the same gang of thieves. His ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’ strategy on this supposed email scandal is ridiculous. Danielle Smith says her investigation proved there was nothing adverse going on. Our premier has far more important things to do for the people of this province than to have Bell as a constant sore on her side. Give her a break, Bell, and let her do her job. She has much larger fish to fry!


(C’mon now, what the heck does this have to do with Rick Bell?)


Am I the only one becoming completely repulsed by the incessant blather of Rachel Notley, the imperious leader of the Alberta WHINEDP party? We could sympathize with her thesis, if she was able to stand on a firm historical foundation as a past premier who had delivered major accomplishments and significant improvement in the circumstances of the province. Instead we see a directionless leader of a party with very limited wisdom and skillsets — one wandering aimlessly in obsequious lockstep with the Trudeau/Freeland/Singh cabal. Rachel might earn a shred of credibility if she would present calmly reasoned out alternatives to governmental policies rather than a constant complaining drone. Alberta voters need to recall that as premier, Rachel delivered no new non-public jobs (green or otherwise), no future vision and all the while constantly raising taxes and pandering to her union constituents to the detriment of our overall society. Her voracious power grab is in lockstep with that of Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet. Do the right thing, Rachel, be a loyal Albertan, and put all citizens’ interests at the top of your To Do list.


(Albertans don’t vote for friends of Justin and Jagmeet. Ever.)

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