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Québec History X : The Black Presence and Slavery in Québec with Webster

MOAD AND THE GOVERNMENT OF QUÉBEC PRESENT QUÉBEC HISTORY X: THE BLACK PRESENCE AND SLAVERY IN QUÉBEC Webster is a hip-hop artist and historian from Québec City, in Canada. He is passionate about a part of history which is virtually unknown to a lot of people: the black presence and slavery in Québec and Canada. He will share his experience as a historian, but also as a rapper through a lecture and a showcase of his songs. He will detail how the history of blacks in Québec and Canada has influenced Québec hip-hop culture today. Aly Ndiaye, a.k.a. Webster, was born and raised in Quebec city’s Limoilou neighborhood. From a Senegalese father and a Quebecer mother, he has always been proud of his dual origin and sees himself as a SeneQueb. His passion for history drove him to study this field in college. Hip-Hop militant and social activist, Webster is deeply implicated in his community. He regularly gives lecture about cultural diversity in Quebec and the influence of the hip-hop culture on the youth. His main subject is the history of black people and their enslavement in the province of Quebec since the start of the colony in the 17thcentury. Since 2009, he has been travelling the globe to give workshops and teach students how to use creative writing in french; he performed in Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and North America. Musically, he has been active since 1995; founder of the Limoilou Starz collective, he is a pioneer of the hip-hop culture in Quebec. The Old Man of the Mountain (as he is known) reputed for his wise lyrics and the smartness of his music. His art is a tool that he has been sharpening for two decades. This program is made possible by the generous support of the Government of Québec.
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