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Royal Family: The Queen's £800k treasure that Kate Middleton could be getting

MyLondon 2022-10-01 Alicia Curry

The Royal Family are known for their ornamental jewellery collections. Dressed in shimmering pearls and divine diamonds, it's hard to not be envious of what the women get to wear.

The treasures of the family have passed through generations so naturally, with the late Queen Elizabeth II's jewels being the most magnificent of them all, speculation has begun as to who will inherit her regalia.

One of the rarest pieces in the Crown Jewels collection is the Diamond Diadem. The unmistakable ornament crests coinage, postal stamps and banknotes - the Queen also wore the diadem on several occasions throughout her reign.

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The State Diadem was made for the coronation of George lV © Pool Photograph/Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images The State Diadem was made for the coronation of George lV

Made up of 23,578 gemstones, George IV commissioned the piece in 1820 for £8,216. Today, the crown is estimated to be worth almost £800k.

Worn by only four queens, the diamond-encrusted diadem is a more feminine piece so is unlikely to be passed down to King Charles III. Instead his wife, the Queen Consort Camilla, will be the next to wear the crown.

Kate Middleton will then be afforded the same privilege when her husband, Prince William, becomes King. The silver and gold-lined diadem has an openwork frame threaded with diamonds and pearls.

It is surmounted by four crosses-pattée, the front cross set with a pale yellow brilliant, and four sprays representing the national emblems of England, Ireland and Scotland; roses, shamrocks and thistles.

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