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6 adults wounded in Oakland school shooting

SHOTLIST:RESTRICTION SUMMARY: NO RE-SALE, RE-USE OR ARCHIVE; MUST CREDIT KGO; NO ACCESS SAN FRANCISCO MARKET; NO USE US BROADCAST NETWORKSKGO - NO RE-SALE, RE-USE OR ARCHIVE; MUST CREDIT KGO; NO ACCESS SAN FRANCISCO MARKET; NO USE US BROADCAST NETWORKSOakland, California – 28 September 20221. Police officers approach microphone2. SOUNDBITE (English) Assistant Chief Darren Allison, Oakland Police Department:Just after 12:45 In the afternoon, are Oakland Communications Division received a report of a shooting at a school in the 8200 block and Fontaine. This is the King Estates school that houses four different schools on campus, ranging from middle school to high school. When officers arrived on scene, they responded there along with Alameda County Sheriff's deputies and California highway patrol officers, who all immediately made entry into the school. They began looking for any suspects, any victims, attending the victims, while at the same time escorting students and staff out of harm's way. In all, six adults, individuals 18 and over who have some affiliation with the school, were determined to be suffering from gunshot wounds. They were all transported to local hospitals."++WHITE FLASH++3. SOUNDBITE (English) Assistant Chief Darren Allison, Oakland Police Department:"At this time our clear the school is completed and we are determined that the school is all clear of any suspect individuals. We are currently in actively looking for at least one shooter although there may be other individuals involved. We have our ceasefire teams as well as our violent crime operations teams actively in this moment following up on leads looking to bring to justice those responsible for this heinous act."KGO - NO RE-SALE, RE-USE OR ARCHIVE; MUST CREDIT KGO; NO ACCESS SAN FRANCISCO MARKET; NO USE US BROADCAST NETWORKSAlameda, California – 28 September 20224. Hospital officials approach microphone5. SOUNDBITE (English) James Jackson, CEO, Alameda Health:"Two of the gunshot victims are critical, but stable. And the third is in stable condition. This is an extraordinarily difficult time for us. But I want to take a moment and just thank the caregivers, the trauma team here at the Alameda Health System have done an extraordinary job and they continue to that's what they do. But this is a problem. In 2021 and 2022, we've seen almost a doubling of the violent crimes victims that we're seeing here at our facility. So something has changed.6. Jackson listening to question STORYLINE:Authorities say six adults were shot and wounded at a school campus in east Oakland, California. The shooting took place at around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday at Rudsdale Newcomer High School.The school's website says it serves new immigrants ages 16-21 who fled violence and instability in their home countries. It is one of several adjacent schools located on the same block. Oakland Assistant Police Chief Darren Allison said the victims "were affiliated with the school," but declined to say whether any were students or teachers. Officials have not said whether any of the victims might be students age 18 or older. Allison said police were seeking at least one suspect but did not have anyone in custody.===========================================================Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory.
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