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Sand artists and Sir David Attenborough bring T. rex to Welsh beach

Local beachgoers in Wales were stunned by Tyrannosaurus rex footprints in the sand this weekend. Traeth Llyfn beach in Pembrokeshire was transported back to the Late Cretaceous period thanks to a team of 10 sand artists, who created the installation to celebrate the launch of Sir David Attenborough's latest natural history show, Prehistoric Planet. The sand artists spent over four hours creating 64 dinosaur footprints across a 50-metre-long prehistoric trail along the beach, which was used as a filming location for the groundbreaking series. Prehistoric Planet reveals little-known and surprising new discoveries about the T. rex - plus other dinos - and the installation celebrates the unearthed fact that T. rexes were competent swimmers. Fossil evidence shows that their strong hind legs and hollow bone structure would have likely helped them propel through the water effectively. The five-episode natural history series, which transports viewers back 66 million years, debuts on Apple TV+ on Monday, with new episodes available every day this week.





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