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US man wears his own rubbish for entire MONTH | SWNS

An eco-activist has worn all his own rubbish for an entire month - to show how much waste one person creates. Rob Greenfield, 35, wanted to create a visual that would help people understand their trash footprint. So, for 30 days, starting on April 20, Rob lived just like the average US American - but wore every piece of rubbish he created. This would equate to roughly 4.5lbs (2kg) of trash per day - which most people don't think twice about before disposing of. To complete the '30 Days of Wearing My Trash' campaign, Rob had an expandable plastic suit specially made that expanded with each piece of rubbish it was filled with. Rob an Asheville, North Carolina resident, said: "The project was all about waking people up and trying to enact change. "Most of us are unaware of how much trash we create every day, so this was a way of visually getting the message across." The $2,500 (£2,000) suit took 75 hours to manufacture and had expandable pockets which Rob could store the trash in. Attached to his arms, legs, shoulders and torso, the suit was made up of cups, bags, boxes, cartons and other discarded items that he used throughout the month. ** This content is being managed by SWNS. To licence for editorial or commercial use please contact 0117 9066550** Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our viral, breaking news videos. #environment #lifestyle #ecofriendly #losangeles #climate #ecoconscious #junk #trash #rubbish #plastic #plasticbottle





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