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Gigantic lizard devours fruit in the Galapagos Islands

This gigantic iguana is a lizard with a gigantic appetite. These animals inhabit almost all rocky areas and even well treed locations throughout the Galapagos Islands. They are intimidating with their large jaws full of sharp teeth, and their spiny bodies. But they rarely approach humans and they pose no threat unless they are harassed. This iguana has found a cactus pear and is devouring it with enthusiasm. IN the juvenile stages, iguanas are carnivores, eating insects and small lizards or snakes. They will even occasionally eat a small bird or rodents. But as they mature, their diet becomes largely vegetarian. They eat all sorts of vegetables or fruit, especially brighter coloured fruits. This iguana is being observed by an excited group of tourists being guided by a resident of the Galapagos Islands. These registered tour guides are well educated and able to pass along vast knowledge of the plants and animals, as well as the history of the Islands. The guides not only provide an opportunity to learn about what is being seen, they also ensure the safety of visitors. Not all animals or even plants are safe in such a harsh world. A little understanding of what to avoid or how to act around the animals is a valuable thing. But the Galapagos Islands are a safe place to visit if proper behaviour is maintained. It is also beautiful beyond description. It is truly one of the most wild and fascinating places on the planet.
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