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Gigantic pregnant puffer fish munches coral deep beneath the waves

Exploring the reefs and walls in the waters of Papua New Guinea is an adventure like few others. You are likely to see strange and beautiful creatures at every turn. Each ocean, and even each region of the world has unique and fascinating animals and this underwater world is especially interesting. The diver recording had descended to a depth of 30m (90 feet) along a wall of an island that had been formed by volcanic activity ages ago. Corals and sponges have flourished here, and in turn have drawn animals that feed on them. This gigantic puffer fish is one of the creatures that eats soft corals and sponges as well as the algae that grows on them. They also eat crustaceans and mollusks, using their four strong teeth to crush the shells. The teeth are very bizarre because they are formed into an upper and lower plate and they resemble teeth of humans. Almost all puffer fish are toxic to humans, if eaten, and the organs of just one contain enough neurotoxin to kill 30 strong adults. Their skin also contains a toxin and touching the fish is inadvisable, although they are only a serious threat if eaten. This fish was over two feet long and had a great bulging belly that moved and swayed as the fish turned to get at its meal. This appears to be a large, pregnant female. Watching this huge fish calmly chew at the soft coral was an incredible experience. It was so unconcerned with the diver that it actually turned its back on him as it ate. Eventually, the fish wandered off into the depths and the diver watched it go. Scuba diving opens up a whole new world of mystery and wonder. For those who are willing to venture into the unknown, the sights are incredible. But humans are guests in this domain and they must remember that improper behaviour can have serious and immediate consequences.




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