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Horse goes swimming with dolphins in Australia

This is the amazing moment a horse encountered a few dolphins whilst going for a swim on a beach in South Australia. The footage, captured by the racehorse trainer, shows three dolphins swimming just a few inches from the horse as it trots in shallow waters. The playful dolphins can be seen darting in and out of the water as if they were encouraging the horse to join them. ‘’The Newest Equine Training System, we take our young horses out swimming with dolphins. ‘’This particular horse Breeze is a dolphin magnet. As he swims he groans and seems to consistently attract our beautiful dolphin friends to come and play with us. ‘’Occasionally the animals play together slashing and dancing, most of the time we are all just amazed by each others company. ‘’He is only a young horse but the dolphins have chosen correctly this time, his trainer Lara Beth believes he is that magic one in a million horse who will one day change the world.’’ The clip was filmed in December 2017.
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