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Joyful newborn calf has serious case of the zoomies

Socks is an energetic young calf who was born just a few days ago. His enthusiasm and love of life are heart warming. Socks spends a lot of his day watching the other cows and calves in his herd, trying to engage them in play and trying to establish his place in the herd. Pecking order starts early in a herd like this and he's eager to show the other calves how strong he can be. Socks is trying to test out his new legs by pushing another calf good-naturedly. It's all good fun, but a watchful and protective mother moves in close and eventually puts an end to the shenanigans with a gentle correction. She uses her large head like a broom to send Socks off and away from her baby. Like a stubborn child, Socks returns. He moves in again, lowers his head and begins the game of pushing and shoving all over again. The other calf doesn't seem as playful and he backs up under the pressure before finally shoving Socks backwards and away. Socks kicks up his heels defiantly as he bounces around, just out of reach of the concerned mother. Still full of energy, Socks runs around the meadow like a large puppy stretching his clumsy limbs. Socks acts as if he has had a few too many coffees as he bounds and zooms back and forth. Socks is living the good life, here on this farm. He has every reason to be happy and joyful. His meadows are part of an ethical farm where cows wander freely, graze on lush pasture, drink from ponds full of fresh water and even have some forested area to wander in. The farmers refuse to raise veal and they place as much importance on herd health as they do on profit. Cows here are living a life that is as close as possible to what nature intended for them.

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